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Home iNAMi

Mission Statement

Create a foundation for the orohaned children to grow and develop in a happy, supporting and

loving environment. Together with Wadadeecares we are giving these children a family, we make

a positive difference in the children’s lives which will ultimately impact their future.

Home Inami Big 5 

Our Big Five for the Home Inami Orphanage.

  1. PURPOSE – a sesne of identity

  2. SANCTUARY – a safe home & healthy environment

  3. SUSTENANCE – physical & psychological welfare

  4. EDUCATION – knowledge, life and personality skills development

  5. FAMILY – a sense of belonging


Villa Colourful

Our delightful kindergarten with principle Laurentia.

This year she has 71 registered children and we have supported her throughout the year with a hot meal per day for all students, as well as the cost of gas for the cooking of the meal and educational material.


Wadadee supports Laurentia with daily volonteers.

Zitat Laurentia:

"We, the Villa Colourful, are happy for the support because we have happy faces each and everyday. We thank you very much for your support please keep it up."

- Best Regards Principal Laurentia M. Siwoko


Rose Day Care

Johana leads up this day care in Okahandja Park with currently 38 children registered.


She appealed to us via our social media platform for support, we visited her first on the 14th September 2021, we immediately recognized the roof in need of repair with the impending rainy season. As well as we for a kind donation for tables and benches for the classrooms.

Though out the year we support this kindergarten with ongoing maintenance, food, an additional teacher and educational structure and material with the help of volonteers by Wadadee.


Bursary Fund 

We identify scholars and how-to best support their tertiary studies to assist them in gaining the needed qualifications to support themselves and their extended families. 

Caroline was our first recipient for a teaching bursary in 2016/2017. 

A new recipient, Violet Noarises, is planned to receive a bursary for 2022/2023.


Project Anita - Community 

Project Anita, founded in 2021, is a community based project in Okahandja Park. It supports the poorest communities leaving the elder and youth without bread winners. 

We identified and appointed a dynamic community leader, Anita – an orphan herself, to lead this project. Anita cares for the community, elderly, disabled and for those families left with no income earner. She prepares food parcels, a daily meal and assists with specific needs per case. 

We help by providing financial support and various donations.


WhatsApp Image 2022-03-29 at 10.42.54 AM.jpeg

Witvlei Sewing Project 

This was our first project together with Myeisha, which began in September 2015, which was introduced by Sonja Pack and headed by Livey van Wyk. We provided sewing machines, tools, training, patterns and fabrics. This team of woman, were remunerated for items made for Myeisha.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-29 at 10.44.19 AM.jpeg

NamBEADia - Beading Project in Damaraland 

This project began in 2018, together with Myeisha and Journey’s Namibia, we provided the needed tools, oven and training for the production of glassbeads.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-29 at 10.49.04 AM.jpeg

The Sijwa Project

Collaboration with Monarch Lodges, The Collectiveboutique Namibia and Myeisha Namibia

Assisted with supply of sewing machines, basic tools and training together with Myeisha for local community woman to enrich themselves with sewing skills and create opportunities.




“Make a difference in the world”

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