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We are a non-profit Charity Trust Especially NAMIBIAN (T200/16) established in 2016 with the main aim to support vulnerable women and children through the provision of shelter, sustenance and education. We are driven by the idea of the Social Entrepreneur and the passion to be socially committed, providing help through self-help and in doing so defining ourselves by the values of appreciation and improvement.


To support and enable the underprivileged youth of Namibia, making a positive difference in their life so as to have a profound impact on their future.


To provide and care for the disadvantaged elderly, sick and disabled with

sustenance and the necessary support for the improvement of their life.

Our BIG FIVE core values.

  1. PURPOSE – a sense of identity

  2. SANCTUARY – a safe home & healthy environment

  3. SUSTENANCE – physical & psychological welfare

  4. EDUCATION – knowledge, life and personality skills development

  5. FAMILY – a sense of belonging


Sandra Baumeister.

Sandra Baumeister, born in Stuttgart Germany, living since 2016 in Windhoek, Namibia. She is the mother of 4 children in the age between 13 and 22.

As a teacher Sandra taught children in the age between 5-16, before she got called into the family business, in the automotive industry.

2015 Sandra started together with her friend Kym Kibble the company “Myeisha Leather Products Pty Ltd”, which produces high end leather handbags, based on the social entrepreneur concept.

Some of the profit of the sales of the bags, supports the projects of Especially Namibian Trust. Mainly to support underprivileged women and children in Namibia



Born in South Africa, Kym lived in various cities. She also lived 12 years in Great Britain, mainly in London. 2009 she settled in Namibia. She collected a broad repertoire from experiences in administration management, logistic and global mobility.


As a mother of 2 children she is also an active shareholder in her husbands business “ Safari Engeneering CC”.

Kym met her business partner and soulmate Sandra Baumeister 2002. 2015 they started the company Myeisha Leather Products cc in Windhoek Namibia. Kym is convinced that we are all have to give more, to make a difference in the world of others, to give them a better chance in life.

Lena copy.jpg


Lena was born in Aachen, Germany and has been living in Windhoek, Namibia since January 2016. She is a co-founder of WADADEE cares and was awarded with the “Heart of Honour” price by Ein Herz Für Kinder in Germany on National TV in December 2019 for her work in Katutura. 

Through her mother’s work in Namibia and Zambia, Lena was already exposed to African cultures from an early childhood. Moved by the plight of the children, together with Shaun Awaseb and Petra Bauer, she co-founded the charity WADADEE cares in 2015, which works as part of the social entrepreneurship WADADEE group CC (2010).


Through her intercultural experiences and social skills, Lena now manages WADADEE cares, WADADEE African Safaris and WADADEE house and has already been able to offer many children a new perspective on life. Moved by her passion and motivation to help others, she continually has new ideas and ambitions to improve the lives of needy children and adolescents.

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Shaun was born in 1983 in Windhoek, Namibia, as the son of a Namibian entrepreneur. After graduating from the German High School in Windhoek, he spent several years in Cape Town, before returning with the aim of combining the economically vibrant tourism sector in Namibia with social help projects for the township of Katutura.

With the founding of WADADEE African Safaris (2008) and the opening of the first guest house in the Katutura Township, he has helped to change the image of this community so burdened with prejudices and created jobs for some of the poorest inhabitants of Namibia.


Years of experience with young people from all over the world, give Shaun the know-how to inspire and motivate people for his beliefs and values. His deep passion to bring about positive change for Namibia and it’s inhabitants inspires even the youngest members of our society to pursue fair chances to live a life free of poverty and disease. 


Christine Drayer .

Christine was born and raised in Windhoek. She attended the German school for 12 years. After school, Christine completed her training in Munich. Christine then met her future husband and moved to Barcelona with him for 4 years. In 2004 they moved back to Namibia permanently. Christine has 2 children aged 14 and 16 who also attend the German school.

Christine hasn't known Sandra for that long, but Sandra has fulfilled a heart's desire for Christine's family and since then a deep friendship has developed. When Sandra asked Christine if she wanted to join the Especially Namibian Trust, she first said, "I have to take a look at the projects". So, together with all the trustees, we went through all the projects and Christine immediately said "yes".

Yes to help, Yes to try to improve living conditions, Yes to try to give children minimum needs and at the end of the day just give something back, because it's our home.




Profits made from sales of unique , high end and handmade Leatherhanbags

Both Directors of Myeisha sit as trustees for Especially Namibian

Wadadee Cares 


Offers support with Volunteers and gaining awareness for the Trust internationally. 

Both Trustees of Wadadee Cares sit as trustees for Especially Namibian.

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